About Us

International Gulf Trading Company (IGTC) was established in 1978 as part of Al Mana International Holding to provide support to the industrial development of Qatar, the rapid divarication of the Al Mana International Holding led to the formation of individual companies, each specializing in their fi­eld of expertise and operating independently, yet collectively comprising the strength of the Group.

The Al Mana International Holding embraces a policy of corporate excellence in all aspects of operations, promoting development in the region with a commitment to explore new opportunities on a national and regional level.

From the inception of the Company, we have aimed for success at every level with a clear vision of supporting our principals and providing superior and quality products and services to our customers with unhindered commitment. As we expand our company operations, we will be dedicated to operate efficiently, proving clients with products and services on time and with measurable results. IGTC is Qatar’s leading ­re safety and security solutions provider for businesses and organizations. For over 40 years, our mission has been to make your world a safer place by protecting our customers with essential systems, equipment and services.

The benefits of working with IGTC

BS EN3 Kitemarked Extinguishers

We are proud to say that our ­fire extinguishers bears the BSI kitemark™ symbol. The Kitemark on a portable fi­re extinguisher provides a visible certi­fication by the British Standards Institution, the UK national standards body, of a manufacturer’s commitment to compliance with International Standards and quality. It also means that our ­fire extinguishers went through a tough testing by BSI to ensure reliable production quality. Samples are taken from production line and are submitted to BSI for type testing to confi­rm full compliance with the material, design and construction, functional, dimensional and marking requirements specifi­ed in the standard.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Accreditation

IGTC Integrated Management Systems are certified by Lloyds Register for manufacturing of fire extinguishers.

Two Year Guarantee

We are giving a 2 (two) year guarantee on the product. The guarantee does not cover repair or replacement if it is caused by accident, misuse, neglect or unsuitable environmental conditions and excludes spares.

Team and Facility

Our team is consisting of highly experienced and well trained personnel. Our Stationary Powder and Foam Filling machines from Germany guarantee s a high level quality of fire extinguisher that is precise and reliable. With its automated functionality, we can deliver the demands of our clients according to their requirements.